Friday, October 29, 2010

The Mongoose Paradox

Our theme for feature branch names this sprint is 'Fake spy/thriller novels'.

So I present to you...

The Mongoose Paradox:

I wrote it with Gaelyk in about an hour in a waiting room. Not bad considering I'd never used Gaelyk or GAE before!

Also, the Gaelyk/GAE support in IntelliJ is awesome!


paulk_asert said...

Would make a good getting started blog post with source and screenshots included? ;-)

Lee said...

I can't reveal the secrets of the Mongoose Paradox! :)

Unknown said...

In a non-linear space-time continuum, Charles Stross obviously used your generatyor for "The atrocity archive". Besides, the first title I got was "The Atrocity Dilema"